Feeling & Emotions

We should not ask whether we really perceive the world. We must, instead, say: the world is what we perceive/feel

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Tenuta Rocci Cerasoli’s lifestyle will give you an authentic and immersive multisensory experience:

Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling are the essential elements of sensory and emotional tourism. Our senses, while autonomous, do not act completely detached from the others. Our Earth, produces meaning, communicates it , “circulates” it and is capable of giving meaning to the culture of an entire territory, because it tells the origin, passions , speaks of people, families and their desires.


Smelling the red pomegranates, observing the sound of cicadas, smelling the aroma of rosemary, caressing the sweetish wine from our vineyards, a total interaction of the five senses to immerse oneself in the heart of Salento and perceive its authentic and unique spirit.

Breathing In And Breathing Out

Yoga among the vineyards
Enjoy a moment of relax , carve out a moment for yourself , the activity of yoga among the vineyards with its breathing techniques will make you unplug from daily stress.
Immerse yourself in this world , where practicing gratitude , sharing energy and well-being ,will make you appreciate small gestures starting with the simplest and most natural things.


Cooking Workshop and Late Breakfast
Apulian cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines of the Mediterranean, our chef will introduce you to anecdotes and stories that characterize our dishes. Prepare and savor homemade pasta, discover the meticulous craftsmanship involved in the preparation of ORECCHIETTE and immerse yourself in this culinary experience that will introduce you to new tastes and flavors.

In addition, our Tenuta boasts a large outdoor space with pomegranate trees, vineyards and prickly pears, so every morning, at any time, you can have your Late Breakfast: stroll through our countryside, pick the fruits and taste them, for a second mouth-watering ,healthy and full of energy breakfast.

Seeing and hearing

Apulian pie
Watching the rhythm of feet dancing the Salento pizzica, hearing the sound of tambourine and folk singing: the Pizzica has become a real form of cultural and social expression, which we want you to know about, all with a Salento background among culinary banquets where you can taste our typical dishes and sample our good wine to the “tarantato” rhythm.


Harvesting Negroamaro & Primitivo
“Touching the Earth” (also called Prosternation practice) is about returning to the Earth, to our roots, to our ancestors, and recognizing that we are not alone but are instead connected to a whole stream of ancestors.

At our Tenuta, the last week of August and the first weeks of September are dedicated to the grape harvest and grape picking. At Tenuta Rocci Cerasoli, the grape harvest is a true ritual where young and old can take part and have an active role in this fascinating practice of place.

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